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R1 & R2

Florida Region classes R1 & R2 (formerly known as P1 & P2) are for cars eligible to

compete in sanctioned competition other than SCCA, but for which there is not an existing

SCCA class. The cars must conform to the safety requirements of the IT category as a

minimum. The cars must use DOT tires. The distinction between R1 & R2 will be

determined solely by engine displacement. R1 will be for cars 2.8 liters and larger. R2 will

be for cars with displacement less than 2.8 liters. Eligibility of a car for R1 or R2 will be at

the discretion of the organizers.

ISE30 Class Cars

BMW Cars from a racing series for non M E30Cars produced between 1987 and 1991. At

a minimum, these cars must conform to the safety requirements of the IT category, and

drivers shall have a copy of their car preparation specification in their possession

ITEZ Regional Class

The purpose of ITEZ is to create a regional class where cars built for ChampCar,

(ChumpCar) or similar endurance racing series will have a place to race on an SCCA

Regional race weekend. As opposed to any other class of SCCA road racing, ITEZ

competition is designed as a “fun run” class, without regards to balance of

performance, or classes within the series. Class distinctions within the various series

will not be enforced. ITEZ is designed to provide a way for drivers to earn an SCCA

racing license and race in regional competition, with the absolute lowest cost vehicle.

Drivers must meet driver requirements as listed above in the DRIVER ELIGIBILITY

paragraph of these Supplemental Regulations.

Waivers will not be considered or granted in areas regarding safety of vehicle or driver.

Decision of officials with regard to safety elements are final and not protestable.

GCR 9.3.6. APPEARANCE NEAT AND CLEAN will be waived for this class.

ITEZ vehicles may race with minor prior accident damage, as long as that prior damage does not create a danger to the driver of that vehicle, fellow competitors, or course marshals. Non-functional additions to vehicles, whose

primary purpose is to express creativity or a theme, are not allowed.

ITEZ ELIGIBLE VEHICLES must be a “mass produced,” gasoline or diesel powered, four-wheel

passenger car. Must meet or exceed safety requirements of GCR Section 9 for IT cars.

Minimum weight of 1800 pounds and a maximum weight of 3500 pounds and a production‐based engine. Tires must conform to applicable Improved Touring rules, i.e., must be DOT rated tires, 130 (“H”) mph rated or faster.

Wear‐dated tires are not mandated, but they may be used if the racer prefers. Preparation regarding brakes,

suspension and engine must meet either Chumpcar (ChampCar)/Lemons/Other series type rules or SCCA Improved Touring rules.

Logbooks will reflect meeting IT safety rules, and driver safety rules for competition. Eligibility of a vehicle for ITEZ will be at the discretion of the organizers.

Spec Miata T (SMT)

Spec Miata

Southeast T (SMSET)

Spec Miata T will run under the SCCA GCR Spec Miata Category Specifications (SMCS)(SMCS) Section 9.1.7, and Spec Miata Southeast T (SMSE-T) will run under the SEDIV approved rules, with the following tire rule exception: Vehicles in these classes must use Toyo Proxes RR tires, size 205x50x15. All four tires on the car shall be the same manufacturer and model. The Toyo RA1 is also allowed but recommended only for wet conditions. The only modifications allowed to tires are having treads “shaved” or “trued.”

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