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Club Racing

Club Racing/Road Racing


Endurance Championship Race

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Club racing events are competition driving skill contests that emphasize the amateur competition licensed driver’s ability and car building skills. This is accomplished by driving a race course at one of the competition race track located throughout our region. Speeds are usually much greater than those normally encountered in legal highway driving, the combination of other race car competitors, concentration and car feedback creates an adrenaline pumping experience. Our races can last from 5 laps to 24 hours.  It is true life racing/driving experience,

but we turn both left and right!

Vintage Rules – These races are run in accordance with the SCCA Vintage Guidelines of Conduct.


Tropical Endurance Series

This is a Florida Region and Central Florida Region racing series.

In order to be eligible for a Championship Award, a driver must compete in at least 3 Tropical Endurance Series races during the championship year as primary driver in the same class with at least one event being in each region (Florida and Central Florida).

Track Event (TE)

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Many of us have seen the disclaimer at the bottom of TV ads which say, "professional driver, closed course" and imagined what it's like to drive on track. With SCCA Track Events (Formerly known as Performance Driving Experience, or "PDX") you don’t have to imagine anymore.

Florida Cup

Club Racing/Road Racing

The Florida cup rules state: 6. Minimum Participation: To be eligible for a year end award, a driver must have participated in at least 3 of the 6 designated Florida Cup events in the same class with at least one of the 3 being a Central Florida Region event and at least one of the 3 being a Florida Region event. Participation is defined as having turned a wheel in an official session and entry not withdrawn (i.e. driver may appear as DNS in race results). 

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